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Why Discomfort is Key to Your Success

September 19, 2023 Kavita Melwani Season 4 Episode 1
The Soulful Entrepreneur's Club
Why Discomfort is Key to Your Success
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Welcome to Season 4 of this Podcast. 
Each year, I take some time off and do a slight pivot to the focus on the show - I want to make sure that I am sharing beneficial and passionate topics. 
You may notice a fresh look and a new name... 

Welcome Soulful Entrepreneurs. 
As a soulful entrepreneur, you most likely feel some discomfort. In this episode, I discuss why discomfort is key to moving past stuckness. You may feel stuck because, for different reasons, I discuss some of the reasons and what to do to move past a roadblock. 

Key Takeaways:

💫  The willingness to be uncomfortable is the key to getting unstuck and moving past being stuck.
💫 If you're facing a decision and feeling stuck, ask yourself if you really have an idea of what you need to do.  Do you actually know what to do and you are unsure of 
💫  Instead of asking yourself "What if you make a "wrong" decision? " - what if there is another way to look at the choices and decisions you make. 
💫  Take steps in the direction that we truly know we want to go - despite the discomfort. 

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Speaker 1:

Hello, my name is Kavita Melani , and I'm a master certified success and business coach With two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and almost a decade as a coach, I want to personally welcome you to the Soulful Entrepreneurs Club podcast, where my vision is to empower as many spiritually led businesses to run purposeful and profitable businesses aligned with their true selves. I want you to confidently and opulently shine your light without the overwhelm, the stress, or the burnout. Together, we will explore challenges that soulful entrepreneurs face and real implementable solutions so you can step into your unique purpose and shine. It is possible to bridge the success you already have with the truest, soulful, mystical parts of yourself. Are you ready to rise up as the leader you were born to be? Then join me, my soulful friends. The time is now for you to rise up and shine your light. The world needs you.

Speaker 2:

So if you are a regular listener of this podcast, you may notice that the name is a little different, and , um, it , there's a reason for that. I had to do some introspection and to decide where I want to take this podcast and also my business next. And as I sat with that and took this , um, short break from the podcast, I was able to, to check in to see how I want to include , um, more people and to really talk to who I'm actually serving and who's listening to my podcast. And so I am also really passionate about spiritually minded, spiritually, spiritually led businesses being successful, because I truly believe that is what we need in the world right now. And so in this podcast, I will be talking about how to be spiritual and successful. And so you can be successful as an entrepreneur, as a leader in what you do, but really, that, that success, we need more success. We need more abundance, more of that so that we can spread that wealth, the spread, the abundance spread, the sense of, of spirituality, and not a specific religion, but more this sense of that there's, we're all connected, and everything that we do does impact others. And it does matter. And so you'll hear similar topics to what we talked about before, but there may be some expanded , um, topics as well. And so today, I , I'm going to talk about why discomfort is the key to move past stuckness. And so when we're stuck, it's usually because we have too many choices. Uh , we don't really, we can't see any other option besides where we are right now. And oftentimes it's because we know what we need to do and we don't wanna do it. So our brain is designed to keep us comfortable. Think about all of the things you do in the day to make yourself comfortable. And if you're empathic person, then you, you kind of feel your sensations a little, a lot more, right? So then your nervous system is heightened, and so you feel the discomfort. And we can often remember that discomfort, and it can prevent us from making the changes that we want to make and that we know we need to make the willingness to be uncomfortable and work through the cognitive dissonance that happens when we're making changes is the key to getting unstuck and moving past being stuck. So sometimes people will come to me and say, you know what? I know I need to do this. Or they say, I don't know what I want to do. And when I really ask them, and we do some coaching together, they have some idea of what their next steps could be. And sometimes they actually know what they need to do and where they wanna go next, but they don't want to do it, or they don't see how they can do it. And the other thing that can happen is that they see the possibilities, but they're , they're not sure where to go, and they don't wanna make a bad decision what they consider a bad decision, because in the past, they made decisions and didn't turn out the way that they thought. So as long as we're scared to , um, experience the discomfort, as long as we're afraid we're gonna make the wrong decision, we're just gonna stay where we are, we're not gonna move forward. The willingness to be uncomfortable is key to help you move forward. So if you are facing a decision and you're feeling stuck right now, ask yourself if you really have a clue of what you wanna do. Have you had an insight? Come, did , did you have a conversation with someone and they said something and you got excited and you're, and there's a part of you that felt like you wanted to go towards that. The the truth is like, we really, some of us really know where we wanna go, and we have that, this idea and this vision that's completely clear. And, and most of the time it's just about knowing what the next step is. So are you clear about what your next step can be? And there's a, there's a fear of making the wrong decision and or, because if you do make the wrong decision, you could be stuck again or uncomfortable. There is no , well, there's a few wrong decisions, but let's say as long as you're thinking you're conscious and you're not harming others, harming yourself, right? And you're taking a step and can always change directions, you can move forward and then see what other opportunity comes and what other doors open. What the next step come becomes clear when you take that step. But as long as you're not willing to be uncomfortable, and as long as you're not willing to take that one step that you know is going to be something that you're interested enough , enough with, or, you know, just one step, if you're not willing to take that step, then you're gonna stay where you are. And so, as you look forward into the year ahead, what is it that you really want to create in your life? What is that vision that you have? Right? And now , a lot of people ask these questions in the beginning of the year. They ask it in January. I actually love this time of year, the fall , um, when it starts to, hopefully in some places starting to get cooler, maybe not so much. It , it is a time where, you know, I've been conditioned. So that's when school started. And I remember loving going shopping for school supplies and like the , the idea of this like new school year starting. And, you know, because , uh, one of the things that I love to do is learn all the time. This, this, I have a positive association with this time of year, and it is a time for me to have like those kind of fresh starts, right? And so, so it just happens for me where I start to really , uh, to go inward and take steps moving forward. Um, and so you're seeing one of those steps now with this, the podcast name changing. Um, and you're going to see more things that I'm creating because I knew, and I felt this for a while , that I wanna go in this direction. But, you know, they , there's fear, right? I don't, there's other fears besides making the wrong decision. Like some other fears that I've come up against is what if I leave people out, right? So I know that there's a lot of you that, you know, we've been in my community for a while and that our empaths, and I felt like if I take the, the , the word empath out of the name of my podcast, that I'd be leaving you out. And I don't want you to feel like that, right? I don't wanna , I don't wanna cause that feeling of being left out because as an empath empathic person, as an empath, I have experienced being left out, and I still do to this day. People don't always understand what's important to me, why I show up a certain way, how my nervous system can get overwhelmed, right? And so I love to, and and there's assumptions of like, I don't like to socialize, or, you know, introverted people don't know how to talk, like all these things that are just not true, right? And so you, it can often feel misunderstood. So when I was making this decision to ship this podcast, I felt like I don't wanna leave people out, but I really , and I had to check in like with what is exciting to me? Where is it that I wanna go next? And those of you that received my newsletter know that I sent out a call to vote on the name, right? And so I feel like spiritual and successful actually is inclusive and , um, you know, is able, I'm able to include a lot of , uh, topics that I wasn't able to include before. And that when I went towards that discomfort, and, you know, that's tied to the conditioning of being left out myself and not wanting to hurt , hurt others, I realized that if I don't go towards what is exciting and fun and what I'm passionate to talk about, then I'm not actually fulfilling my purpose. I'm not, I'm not taking the steps where I'm guided. And so what is that for you? I want you to listen to what I shared and apply that to your own situation right? Now, is there something that you just no longer feel that passion for or something that you're really passionate about? You're afraid What's gonna happen if you go through that, go towards that? Or are you feeling like it's not practical? I mean, there are a lot of things that can happen, right as you move towards what you're passionate about. And so, when you are grounded, when you're present with your body, when you're staying conscious and you're allowing that the intuition to guide you, and you've done your shadow work so you're not being guided by your subconscious conditioning, instead that conditioning is brought to your awareness, then you just keep moving forward and creating. So if you're feeling stuck right now, I want you to think about what you may be afraid of doing because you're afraid of making the wrong decision. You're afraid of hurting others, or , um, you're just not sure which is the right step. Whatever it is, I'm gonna encourage you in this season to check intuitively and take one step, take one step, see what happens, and then take another step and another step. And as you keep moving forward, clarity will come. And I love supporting clients who are in this place, and they have , it's like they're right there, right? So I can help them get to that next level. Um, you know, I mainly work with entrepreneurs , um, and entrepreneurs are taking chances, right? Spiritual entrepreneurs are wanting to have businesses that make a difference in the world. It's part of their calling of what they wanna create. And there's a deep mission behind that. So if you are in that category, if you are a spiritual entrepreneur and you are looking for support and what I'm saying resonates, then I'd love to speak to you and see how I can support you. I will have a link in the show notes to book , uh, a , a deep dive business session where we'll dive into where you are in your business. Maybe you still haven't launched it. And so I really love helping people launch their businesses. Or if you're feeling stuck in your business, those are the two areas that I specialize in and I'd love to speak with you. So go towards the discomfort, even though it's hard, and as one of the things that can help with that is getting yourself used to being uncomfortable, right? It's almost like, think about one of the things that can help you get used to being uncomfortable is actually physical exercise, right? One of the things that I've taken up that I used to do a long time ago, and then I kind of dabbled in it, is I started lifting weights again. And when I'm lifting the weights, it's really uncomfortable, right? And sometimes I'm like, I don't wanna do this, right? And , and, but then I tell myself, actually, I can do this, right? And so that feeling of doing that physically is making, is helping me get used to being uncomfortable. And so I can continue to move forward and know that I can handle it and trust that I can handle it. So I would love to hear from you as well. If you have some topics that you want me to talk about on this podcast, you can contact me via my website , um, and I, I look forward to continuing to connect with you and share with you topics that will help you move forward and shine your light. Until next time, take good care. Bye.