The Soulful Entrepreneur's Club | How to run a Purposeful, Profitable, Aligned Business without Stress

How to Create Success in the Cycle of Entrepreneurship

March 28, 2023 Kavita Melwani Season 3 Episode 68
The Soulful Entrepreneur's Club | How to run a Purposeful, Profitable, Aligned Business without Stress
How to Create Success in the Cycle of Entrepreneurship
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Where are you in the cycle of entrepreneurship? Like all things in life, there are cycles, and once you understand the cycle, you can use it to consciously create your life and business. 

This week I discuss: 

  • What the cycle of entrepreneurship looks and feels like
  • How to work in the cycle to generate income
  • When it is time to do some inner work 
  • A good time to find support 
  • Why "more" is not the answer

I am a serial entrepreneur and have learned this cycle well. My hope is that with this information, you can create your conscious business.

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Speaker 1:

<affirmative>, welcome to this week's episode of Aligned and Soulful Success, and today I want to talk about the cycle of entrepreneurship and how to use that natural cycle that occurs to create your success. Okay? And so this will be part of a series on creating success as an entrepreneur and me sharing more of kind of that internal process that I don't see shared often, right? Usually it people share about the marketing strategies and the things that they do to create success, but there isn't as much about that internal process and, and then how to use that to move you and accelerate your success. And so, so starting with when you are, you know, about to launch your business or launching your business, so most likely if you have started a business or started your entrepreneurial journey, or you're in the stage of thinking about and about to start your business, there is this part of you that's excited. You know, there's this vision that you have, there's the reason your why, why you are creating your business. Why did you decide to start a business? Some people start a business because they have a deep inner calling, and those are the people that I usually work with, right? So they have a really deep sense of why knowing that they need to take their work out into the world and that it's important. And if they don't, it's almost like a loss of not fulfilling their purpose and a loss to all the people they're meant to support and serve in whatever way they do that. And so when you start your business, that first kind of stage or the, that cycle of entrepreneurship is that excitement and mixed with that excitement. There's a natural sense of maybe some fear, maybe some imposter feeling of like, who am I to start a business? And you might hear from other people, like, what? Don't start a business. You know, you have a great job work here. It's more stable, right? And so you will most likely hear from others that the naysayers, the, those people that really, that they think they have your best interest or heart. They're not trying to harm you, right? Intentionally, but they want you to stay safe. So you're in this excitement, you have this vision, you're ready to launch, you have some kind of feeling of being an imposter. Who am I gonna do this? Maybe some overwhelm. Okay? So you start your business, you start to market your business, and that's the second part. You actually launch. You try strategies to market your business, and you may have immediate results, success come and generate income immediately, or you may start to hit some roadblocks. Okay? So that's the second part of the cycle of entrepreneurship is taking steps externally, marketing and then receiving the results. Okay? And often what I've seen with clients is that they take some steps and if they have immediate success, they receive that validation and they feel good about their business and they're ready to continue. If they take the initial steps and they don't get the immediate results that they expected, then they could be a tendency to retreat and wonder if they made the right decision. Okay? So the thing is, whether or not you start to hit the, the blocks there when you initially launch, or you have initial success with your launch and move forward at one point in your entrepreneurial journey, in that cycle, you will hit challenges. Okay? The challenges are inevitable. So when you hit the challenges in the beginning or later on, then it's time to, uh, to really check in and do some inner work. Unfortunately, what most people do is look externally and they're, they start to look for, oh, I need to learn more marketing strategies. Oh, look, this person is saying they can help me, um, do this easily. They have the secret formula to help me do this, so I'm gonna go there and learn that strategy. Um, or there's a tendency to add more. So thinking of like that more mentality, especially for those of you that tend to overwork, right? There's this idea of like, okay, I am, you know, on social media or I'm marketing in person, whatever you're doing, just adding more of it. I'm thinking that's the solution, right? That's a tendency to happen. Um, and so, you know, that either creating more looking externally for some secret formula for a solution, right? And so that's something that people do also being, um, being in this cycle of overwhelm of doing too many things, right? And so this idea of like, I'm gonna try this and I'm gonna try this from jumping from thing to thing, um, maybe even getting more training. And so I don't wanna, uh, just step back from that a minute and say, I do believe it's, it's beneficial to receive more training, um, and making that decision from a place of alignment and grounding and trust and not from a place of scarcity, and that I need this otherwise, and that's going to be the key to my business and success. Okay?

Speaker 2:

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Speaker 3:


Speaker 1:

When you're in this mindset of searching, and then you look for training as a solution, sometimes that is not really what you need, okay? And so that's part of the cycle. So you, your excitement, you have the vision, there's a fear, there's like kind of like of like that butterfly feeling, right? That people describe of that type of fear that's different than the fear of something you're not supposed to do like that, like a dark alley, right? And then you start to go out there, you market, you talk about your business, you may have initial success or you have some roadblocks, but either way, as you move forward, you're going to hit some of those blocks, right? And then what you do when you hit those blocks as part of the cycle of entrepreneurship is going to be what determines your continued success. So if you go down those roads of, oh, I need more training. Oh, I need the secret formula. Oh, I need this strategy. Oh, I need this, and that's going to lead me to my success, that is a really long winding road and can take a lot longer to get you where you're going to be. On the other hand, this is the point when you hit those challenges that it's key for you to step back and do the inner work to see where those subconscious blocks are. Where is that, that mindset and deeper subconsciously that is creating what I'm seeing out there and how can I recognize that and process that and feel that and work through that so that now I can consciously choose my next steps? Okay? So that doesn't mean you don't have more training or you don't do a different marketing strategy or learn a marketing strategy. What I'm saying is before that, when you hit the roadblock is when you do that inner work and check-in, and I will say through the years, although that, um, I've worked through those blocks myself, I found myself in the taking more courses and doing more things as kind of like, um, almost a sense of like, I need me need, this is gonna be the key. And whenever I've stepped back and I've done the work, and mainly through hiring my own coach and receiving coaching, I'm able to accelerate my growth. I'm able to see my blocks that often. It's difficult to see yourself and see them much faster than I w than I would see them if I were on my own. Okay? And so then by working with a coach that is not only focusing on, you know, your marketing strategies and teaching you kind of like the marketing that they did or how they run their business or all those things, but also working on that inner landscape of your, not just your mindset, but the deep subconscious blocks that come up that's going to create the foundation for you and to, and that is gonna move you forward through this cycle of entrepreneurship. That is what works, that's what creates longevity. That is what MO will continue to accelerate your growth and to move you forward instead of that long winding road of like searching constantly that I described. So this cycle, right? Kind of, and the reason I'm calling it a cycle, and I think it is, it has been called that, is because you go through the cycle, right? So you start with the excitement, you start to go out there, you receive success, you've hit roadblocks, you figure out what you need to do next, work through the inner grant game, and then you go back to the excitement, right? And to the motivation and you know, you feel that excitement again about your business. And then you go out there and you take, take what you've learned and you implement, and then you hit the roadblocks again. And that is some of the fun of the entrepreneurial journey because you get to be in this deep sense of awareness. And if you choose to be a conscious business owner, you're conscious of all of this and you get to move past this. And so through your business, you not only have the ability to serve, you also have the ability to generate income, and you have the ability to grow as an individual and as a person all in one place, right? All through this vehicle of your entrepreneurial journey, right? That's if you consciously choose it, right? You get to choose how you wanna be, um, do you want to be conscious? Do you want to, um, be clear about your whole self, your true self, right? And what actually drives you and what creates the results? Okay? So using the cycle of entrepreneurship to help you navigate the challenges is key to you moving forward, okay? And hiring, uh, the right coach to help you through that is going to move you through it much faster. I know every time I have worked with a coach, it has helped me see things that I can't see. It's helped me be able to create, um, the next level in my business, right? And it just, you just feel the support because you can be and often feel alone on this journey too. So I would love for you to have the success on your entrepreneurial journey and to receive the support that you need through that process. Okay? So, um, if you learn something from today's episode and you have one key takeaway, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message, my contact information is in the notes, and let me know what did you learn today? What is one thing you learned about the cycle of entrepreneurship and how we can help accelerate your success? So I'm going to continue this series on success as an entrepreneur through kind of that inner landscape. And I'm excited to continue to share this for the next few weeks. If you also would like something, um, some topic in this kind of subtopic, let's say in this, then you, you're like, can you talk about this for instance? Then just send me a message too. Let me know. Can you talk about this? This is something that I'm experiencing and I'd love to learn more about it. So I am excited to continue this. Until next time, this is Kavita with aligned and soulful Success. Take good care. Bye.